Get More Camper Rentals with These Three Tips

If you have a camper or RV you want to rent out and you’re looking to get camper rentals, follow these tips to make your listing more appealing. Camper rentals are a great way to make some extra money! 

1. Stand Out from Competitors

Make sure you offer something different than your competition to help your camper rental stand out. Things such as providing delivery, flexible pickup and drop-off times, discounts for having a minimum amount of nights or providing extra amenities are all great ways to stand out from others.

I offer a nightly discount for any rental that is more than 4 nights. I also try to provide extra amenities so renters won’t have to pack and bring everything themselves. I wanted to make the experience as easy as possible for anyone trying to rent our camper.

We keep the camper stocked with silverware, soap, paper towels, paper plates, plastic ware, utensils, cups, napkins, linens, cleaning supplies, pillows and cookware. We also have a WiFi booster and two TV’s in the camper that have Amazon Fire Sticks. We wanted to do something that made our camper stand out above others.

2. Clear/ Professional Photos

If you’re trying to increase your camper rentals, it’s important to have pictures of all the areas in your camper. Renters want to see what they’re getting if they choose your camper. Make sure to show the beds, kitchen, seating, dining, bathroom, and any extras such as storage. Also make sure the pictures of your camper or RV are clear and easy to see. This way potential renters can get a good idea of what they will be getting when they choose to rent from you.

3. Respond Quickly

Keep your contact information updated and respond as soon as possible to any booking inquiries. When potential renters are searching through camper options and decide to make an inquiry, it’s likely that you’re not the only option they contacted. If someone else responds first, they will probably choose them. Even waiting half an hour to respond can sometimes cause you to lose a potential renter. Responding quickly is one of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from losing renters.