Baby Registry Items You Can't Live Without

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Sure there are things that are nice to have, but what products do you actually need?

With so many items listed on a baby registry, it’s hard for others to decide what to buy. Making a baby registry is hard for a mom when looking at the hundreds of product options! They add all the things because they think they might need them.

I have three children and I’ve been asked more than once what items are definite must-haves or lifesavers for a new mom.  Of course you need things like clothes, baby bottles and a carseat. What are the things you need that you might not think of?

Focus your baby registry on the items you will need right away and within the first six months.

There are definitely some necessary baby products that won’t be used until further down the line. So, besides the large and more expensive items, it’s important to focus a baby registry on things you are going to need within the first six months.

A mom can get so many things at a baby shower only to realize that they need more after the baby is born. Their home might be filled with toys, loungers, high chairs, feeding utensils, and bibs that have no use in the beginning. Then they’re stuck making runs to the store to get the other things needed. This is time that they’d rather spend at home getting used to their new life and family.

Keep in mind your baby probably won’t be able to hold their head up unassisted until about 4 months. Also, babies don’t really start eating solids until they are 6 months.

Must-Have Baby Registry Items 

SwaddleMe Pod

For newborn babies that are on the smaller side at first and are too small for other velcro swaddles (see below), these pods are a great option. These are great for preventing the startle reflex from waking a sleeping baby. The zipper is also two-way, which is super convenient for diaper changes! Definite must-have to add to your baby registry!


These adjustable swaddles are a lifesaver! They were super convenient and easy to use! Using receiving or swaddle blankets are harder to get to stay on a wriggly baby, mine always seemed to escape, not to mention the technique is not the easiest thing to master (at least for me and my husband)! Plus if you use a blanket to swaddle and need to change the baby’s diaper or get them out for some reason then you have to reswaddle them every time!

Swaddling was the most important component in helping my babies sleep when they were newborns. These were easy to put on, fit snuggly and most importanly, kept my baby from wriggling out or waking themselves. I’ve tried other brands but these were my favorite fit-wise.

My third baby was born in the summer so I worried about her getting too hot in her swaddle while she was sleeping. She seemed to always be sweaty and warm when I’d take her out. I did some searching and found this nifty option that snaps like a onesie on bottom and swaddles the arms but leaves the legs free. It worked great in keeping her cooler while she was sleeping!

Sound Machine

A good sound machine is next on my list to add to your baby registry! At first babies sleep so much that sometimes it’s a challenge to even wake them to feed. At that point you may think that your baby can sleep through anything. WRONG. Babies are changing ALL the time. In the first year they change SO much and sleep is one thing that changes often.

Sound machines mimick the sounds of the womb which is comforting to a young baby. It was also a lifesaver for me after my babies got a little older. At first they could sleep through yelling, TV, music, vacuuming, you name it. Once they were older they would get startled more easily by loud noises like a dog barking or a sibling playing loudly or yelling. A sound machine is what helped to block out that extra noise and keep them asleep.

I like this one because it gets loud enough to mask outside noise and because it has a “white noise” sound option. This option stays at the same noise level the entire time. It also has a battery option so you can use it without it being plugged in if you need to take it to another room or on a trip. I’ve also heard good things about the Dreamegg White Noise Machine so it might be worth looking into too. My older children still use sound machines to this day and they’re great at masking the little noises in the night that can scare children.

Baby Sling

When babies are first born it’s quite the adjustment for them being out of the womb. They feel comforted by womb-like experiences on the outside while they’re figuring out what is going on. That’s why baby wearing is popular, it helps moms get stuff done while still holding and comforting their baby. Multitasking for the win!

This is my favorite baby sling. I have tried other wraps and sometimes they are too long and take too much work to get them situated just right. This one is the easiest and most comfortable I’ve found.

Animal Pacifier Holder

Many people add tons of pacifiers and holders to their baby registry not knowing the difference between any of them. I like this option for a pacifier holder better than clips, especially at the beginning. My kids never took pacifiers really but I always tried anyway because you never know! I got one of these for each of my kids. Pacifiers are small and can be misplaced easily, but this option is a great way to keep track of them. Plus, when my babies got a few months older they liked to hold onto the little stuffed animal and play with it. Also, this one, unlike some other brands, the pacifier isn’t attached to the animal. You can switch out to bigger pacifier sizes down the line if needed.

These are the products that an expectant mother might not know to add to her baby registry. Others might not think these are necessarily the most important when shopping for an expectant mother. These products are the ones that were most helpful after we got home from the hospital and were adjusting to our new lives. Hopefully my suggestions can help others too!