Our First Trip in Our Camper: Dinosaur Valley - Glen Rose, TX

April 2018

Our first trip in our camper was to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX.  For this trip we chose somewhere closer to home because we wanted to get familiar with pulling the trailer first. Plus, driving with kids on a long trip with me ALSO being pregnant, did not sound like fun! We wanted to see how our kids did in the car on a shorter trip first.

One of the neat things about Dinosaur Valley is that you can actually see dinosaur tracks at the bottom of the Paluxy River. My oldest son really likes dinosaurs so he was really excited about this trip. Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay at the state park because it was already booked. Instead, we found and stayed at an RV site nearby, Oakdale Park.

Oakdale park was great! They had drive through and backup sites available and their facilities were roomy and clean. They also had WiFi, river access across the street (perfect area for the kids to explore), and a great playground for kids!

Dinosaur Valley State Park was a GREAT place to explore. Even though it was a little chilly (and the water was freezing), the kids LOVED it! Some parts of the hike were doable for little ones but a large portion of it is climbing up and over large rocks. In these cases I had to carry my toddler. I was also about 7 months pregnant at the time, it was still doable but definitely more difficult.

There are lots of areas to explore and places to swim along the Paluxy River inside Dinosaur Valley. The bottom of the river is definitely SLIPPERY, so be sure to bring water shoes for the kids. We learned our lesson when my oldest went wading in the (FREEZING) water and had a hard time walking and slipped a couple of times. His cousins had water shoes and didn’t have any trouble walking.

We wanted to keep going but the hike we went on wasn’t stroller friendly. It was too rough for my little guy to keep up without being carried so we decided not to go on any harder expeditions. All in all it was a great trip and a great first time camping in our travel trailer!