Trip to Inks Lake State Park - Burnet, TX

May 2019

Inks Lake State Park is situated in the Texas Hill Country and was probably my favorite Texas State Park we’ve been to! This park is about 4 hours away from home and the drive to get there was very beautiful and scenic!

We stayed at Beachcomber Park which was right on Lake Buchanan. All in all this park was pretty nice. Their sites weren’t super roomy but it was enough for us. They did have bathroom facilities on-site but it only had one bathroom and shower in it. We have a bath/shower in our camper anyway so that wasn’t a deal breaker for us. Other than that the park was pretty nice! They had fishing piers all around, a boat ramp and a private swimming area.

The drive from Beachcomber Park to Inks Lake State Park was about 20 minutes. We went on a hike to Devil’s Waterhole and Valley Spring Creek Waterfall. Both gorgeous views and great hikes! Most of it was easy enough for our two boys but we did have to be careful in some areas. There was lots of great scenery on this hike and the waterfall is a definite must-see! The swimming area next to it was a little chilly but SO worth it. It was also slippery so, if you’re thinking of visiting here, take some water shoes! I didn’t and I almost slipped all the way in even as I was being super careful. The kids LOVED it and we would definitely go back!

We also took an hour long scenic wilderness cruise on Lake Buchanan and the Colorado River that was pretty fun. They had two levels, the top level was outside and the bottom was inside with air conditioning (great for escaping the summer heat). It did get a little boring for the kids at first but once they realized they could move around and go outside they had a lot of fun! They enjoyed going back and forth between the top and bottom levels and each had a lookout area where you could see out over the water, which was nice. There were great views of a waterfall on this tour also! They do have a lunch option but we opted out and just brought our own food and snacks, also if you purchase in advance you get a discount.

If you’re looking for a nice place in Texas to go visit, this is definitely a place I would recommend!