Trip to Lake Whitney State Park - Whitney, TX

October 2019

Lake Whitney State Park was great and we all really enjoyed this camping trip! This was the first trip we were actually able to STAY at the state park! State parks book up so quickly that it’s hard to make a reservation unless you book really far in advance. Lake Whitney is a beautiful lake and we got lucky and the weather was perfect during our stay!

Lake Whitney State Park has large campsites that fit a trailer and up to 2 tents and 3 extra vehicles. We went with my sister’s family and there was plenty of space for all of us! Not to mention that the campsite itself was beautiful!

We picked spot 89 which had electric and water hookups. We would have gotten a site with full hookups (waste included) but they were all booked. Spot 89 was RIGHT in front of the water though and not too far from the bathrooms so it was a great spot.

Two Bridges Trail at Lake Whitney State Park

I will say that the only negative to Lake Whitney State Park is that they only have two hiking trails, Two Bridges Trail and Towash Forest Trail. We really like hiking so it would have been nice if they had more options. Two Bridges Trail is the one we went on first. This trail is great if you have younger kids because it’s mostly flat terrain. I liked that it was situated in the trees and there was great scenery and lake access. It was a little chilly while we were there but if it was a little warmer there is a great area to stop and swim or  play in the sand and water.

Towash Forest Trail at Lake Whitney State Park

Towash forest trail was good too but I liked Two Bridges better. This trail was pretty much out in the open with no tree coverage. It basically walks you around a path to a pretty lake view and then back again. This one is also great for younger kids because it’s flat and it’s easy to see them. There’s also not much area for them to get lost. This trail also had great views! Both trails weren’t really very long (.7 mi – 1 mi). It was good for younger kids, but I was left a little disappointed after going on both of them.

Fishing at Lake Whitney State Park

Even though there weren’t many hiking trails, Lake Whitney State Park is also great for fishing and swimming! The kids enjoyed going fishing every day and even caught a couple fish! It was a little cold for swimming but that didn’t stop the kids from getting in the water anyway! The campers next to us even had a tube and went down and got in the water every day.

Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, I think Lake Whitney is a great spot. My family thoroughly enjoyed our visit! To see some other great options for Texas state parks to visit, click here.