Make Extra Money By Renting Out Your Camper

Are you interested in ways to offset the extra cost of purchasing a camper or RV? Renting out your camper is a great way to offset the cost and make some extra money! Many people choose to rent campers/RV’s instead of taking on ownership themselves.

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After buying our camper, we decided to list it for others to rent when we aren’t using it. This way it’s not always just sitting and others can enjoy it too! Also, the extra money from renting it out is an added bonus.

Choose a Listing Site

This is a big piece of expensive property, so it’s important to make sure you rent it out to people that will take care of it. That’s why RV listing sites that have policies to protect you are a great place to start! We have tried a couple different sites but is our favorite and the one we’ve had the most success with.

RVshare has the renter pay a refundable deposit in case there are any damages. That fee is held by RVshare until the camper has been returned and the owner has confirmed there are no damages. It is then released back to the renter. RVshare also provides insurance coverage for the renters when they are driving or pulling your camper. This fee also goes directly to RVshare.

RVshare also provides a Rental Agreement, ID verification and departure and return forms for each party to sign. This helps to make each group feel protected when completing a transaction.

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Start Renting it Out

Once you get your camper listed, you’re ready to rent it out! We have had great experiences renting ours out. All of our renters have been pretty great so far! We have never had to keep part of anyone’s deposit for any damages. Also, everyone has made sure to replace anything they broke and clean the camper before they return it to us.


The only downside to RVshare is the amount of fees the camper owner has to pay. They take a percentage AND charge the renter a service fee. However, because of the support and protection they provide, we still feel it’s worth it to use them.

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If you have any ideas experiences or ideas to share, let us know in the comments below!